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Welcome to Kibeo


The Kivido branches have been part of Kibeo since January 1, 2023 and have been fully merged since January 1, 2024. Kibeo meets the wishes and needs of parents. This has resulted in various specific forms of reception. Together with Kivido, each location has been examined to determine which form of care is most suitable.

The three types of care are:

  • Kibeo: general childcare with a focus on child development;
  • Wiedewei: outdoors, natural materials and exploring are central here;
  • Elorah: Christian reformed shelter with the Bible as a basis.

Kibeo and Kivido reinforce each other

Kibeo and Kivido have many similarities in mission and vision and how we view children's development. We work with parents and other organizations to create a facility where upbringing, development, care and education form a coherent whole. This is to help children grow up into competent adults with self-confidence. Kibeo is a stable foundation that puts the development of children first.

New names for the Kivido branches

Questions or more information?

You are very welcome to visit us to see if Kibeo, Wiedewei or Elorah suits you and your child. Feel free to make one without obligation appointment for a tour.

Our customer advisors are also available to answer all your questions. Send an e-mail to [email protected] or call (0113) 760 250.

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