Kindcentrum de Baayaert Wouw

Toddler group
Before- and After-School care
We are located in primary school De Baayaert with which we work closely.
Always a familiar face for your child
Via the parent portal you can see what your child is experiencing and learning

Welcome at Kindcentrum de Baayaert Wouw

At Kindcentrum de Baayaert we create a safe and challenging play environment for all children every day. Also for the little ones. The small-scale daycare gives your child the space to go on an outdoor adventure with friends on the challenging playground. Indoors, your child plays and develops in challenging corners or, if your child is still small, she or he learns to crawl on soft rugs.

Toddlers are challenged to learn everything they will need as a toddler. Kindcentrum de Baayaert works with Toddler Start, which are certified activity programs that stimulate your child's development. With the right activities and materials, an inspiring environment and help from professional pedagogical staff, your child will develop at lightning speed!

Your school child can play, learn and discover before and after school at the out-of-school care. The pedagogical staff always make it a fun afternoon! What does your child like? He or she is the boss. Of course rules and agreements are important at the BSO, but there is also plenty of room for your own input, making independent choices and playing with peers.

We form together with the primary school an IC. A continuous learning line for children from 0 to 12 years under one roof. Handy for you when brothers or sisters go to primary school. But also familiar and close by, when your school child comes to relax at the BSO after school!

Are you curious about where your child might eat, play, sleep and make friends? You are always welcome to visit us to see if Kindcentrum de Baayaert suits you and your child. Or make an appointment for a tour at Kindcentrum de Baayaert in Wouw. We would like to meet you.

 Due to the new construction of our child center, our temporary address is: Strijp 27, 4724 EM Wouw. 

Dominique Keulemans
Branch manager

This establishment is very popular! Your desired start date and days on which you need childcare determine when your child can go to this location. So don't wait too long to register. In some situations, your child will be added to the registration list. We are happy to think along with you to find the best solution for you.

Contact information

Daycare 06 59 88 88 62
Toddler group and BSO 06 29 38 78 65

Openings hours

  • Day care open from Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm
  • Toddler group open on Mon, Tue, Wed and Fri from 8.30am to 12.30pm
  • BSO is open from Mon to Fri
    • Before school care from 07:00
    • After school care until 6.30 pm

Note: Adjusted opening hours apply on some days. Look for all closing days in the regulations.

Day care center LRK number: 197972809 Meer info en download GGD-rapport
LRK number BSO: 188195646 Meer info en download GGD-rapport

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