Kibeo Zonzeel Terheijden

Before- and After-School care
We are located in Primary School Zonzeel with which we work closely
A beautiful new building with lots of daylight
The location has a challenging outdoor play area

Welcome at Kibeo Zonzeel Terheijden

With us there is a lot for your child to see, experience and discover. Playing outside in the garden with friends. Inside there are nice play corners and your son or daughter can do crafts, great fun but also good for fine motor skills! At Kibeo, no day is the same! Are you curious about where your child might eat, play and make friends? Make an appointment for one guided tour. We'd love to meet you!

Contact information

Openings hours

  • Before-school care open from Monday to Thursday from 07:00
  • After-school care open from Monday to Friday until 6.30 pm

Note: Adjusted opening hours apply on some days. Look for all closing days in the regulations.

LRK number BSO: 318787684 Meer info en download GGD-rapport

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