Meet Bas

At a number of (reformed) toddler groups we work with the VVE program 'Do more with Bas'. The emphasis in this program is mainly on language, but of course there is also plenty of play! This program includes a doll: Bas. Bas will soon become your child's new boyfriend. Together they experience all kinds of recognizable, fun and exciting things. With Bas's help, your child will learn all kinds of new skills in a playful way. This is how we read aloud every day, which stimulates language development and vocabulary development. Or we sing songs to help your child learn to count. Your child learns to make friends and to play together

'Do more with Bas' consists of themes built around Dagmar Stam's Bas picture books. The games that always belong to the theme are linked to important learning experiences, so that your child develops and gets a good preparation for primary school.

Theme: I am Bas

Bas is central to this theme. Who is Bas actually? And what does Bas look like? Actually, we all look a bit like Bas.

We learn to count our fingers. Where's your nose? And how many ears do you have? We sing songs about sleeping and getting up. Your child sees himself in the mirror, feels the fabric of the clothes and learns a lot while changing. Everything items of clothing are named. The children sing songs and we read stories together. There will be much more on offer, such as emotions, clothing and movement.

Reformed Childcare - Kibeo
Learning through play with Bas

Theme: Going out with Bas

In this theme we take a look at Bas's garage at home. What is all there? I see a blue car and a bicycle, but it needs a repair first.

In addition to the car and bicycle, your child will discover all kinds of means of transport there are. We sing about the train and the bus. We also name the objects that are in the garage. We learn a lot of new words while playing.

Learning through play with Bas

Theme: With Bas to the farm

It is always nice on the farm! This is due to the animals and all the exciting places that exist such as the stables and the hay barn. Bas is lucky. Because his grandfather and grandmother live on a farm.

Your child is introduced to all the animals that live on the farm in this theme. What kind of sounds do they make? We play fun farm games and read about farmer Boris.

Learning through play with Puk

Theme: Bas is an artist

We are going to make art ourselves. But what do we all need for that? And what does Bas have on his clothes? Maybe paint? Yes, because Bas is an artist!

Your child learns about colors and shapes in this theme. And of course we also make beautiful works of art ourselves. We learn about mixing paints, brushes and colors.




Theme: Bas in the kitchen

Tring, tring… that's the oven's kitchen timer. The cake is ready. Oops, but what are the dishes on the counter. A quick washing-up bowl and a washing-up brush. We are so busy in the kitchen huh?

Your child will discover what can be seen in the kitchen in this theme. What's it called and what do we use it for? We learn to set the table and bake cakes in the sand table.


Theme: Brr, it's cold

It's winter, brr… it's cold! Is it freezing already? Is there ice or snow? Can we skate or throw snowballs yet?
Brr, first get our mittens, scarf and hat. Just like Bas, he is already ready for winter!

Your child will learn all that goes into winter. How does it look outside? And what do we do when it is cold? We play with shaving cream snow and see what happens when we put an ice cube on our hands.